Na základě rozhodnutí Vlády ČR ze dne 12. března 2020 a vyhlášení nouzového stavu bude klub Fuchs2
pro veřejnost během následujících týdnů uzavřený.
Due to the State of Emergency introduced by the Government of the Czech Republic on March 12 2020 all events planned at Fuchs2 for the upcoming weeks are rescheduled or cancelled and the venue will be closed for public.



A newly opened legendary venue located on an island in the center of Prague, yet very far away from the mainstream. Fuchs2 has a long history that started in the early 1930s when it was built
by Josef Fuchs as a functionalist-styled café. It was tied together with the famous Štvanice Stadium where Czechoslovakian hockey players won several medals over the years. In the late 80s it was refurbished as a disco and in its heyday it was known as "Face2Face". The Stadium was demolished in 2011 and the disco closed permanently around the same time. Since December 2018 it is known as Fuchs2 and it is a safe haven for alternative culture.

Public space. Synergy. F2.
We operate in the center. 

We have come together to redefine this place. 

We are changing it through an alternative culture. 


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Štvanice 170 00, 170 00 Praha 7

Fuchs2, s.r.o. ičo: 06281222

sokolovská 79/81, 186 00, praha 8

zapsáno 20. července 2017

městský soud v praze

oddíl C, značka 279419

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