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BRUXA w/ Yanamaste, Lyric, Nina Farrina, 3ever, Arnii, New magic media

BRUXA w/ Yanamaste, Lyric, Nina Farrina, 3ever, Arnii, New magic media
BRUXA w/ Yanamaste, Lyric, Nina Farrina, 3ever, Arnii, New magic media

27 May 2023, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

New series of techno events curated by Nina Farrina and 3ever. For everyone whose pleasure is to spend the night with proper techno in the club. Our first night will be accompanied by:

˜”*°• YANAMASTE •°*”˜

The Tbilisi-born and based DJ/producer Yanamaste has risen as a prominent name in the techno scene. His unique way of mixing & producing blended with a strong work ethic made him a true techno force on the new generation. We admire his style and can’t wait to hear his pro-longed dj set on this night. DJ SET: LIVE SET: OUR FAVORITE TRACK BY YANAMASTE:

˜”*°• LYRIC •°*”˜

The deadly duo from Hannover, Lyza and Ericson, the bonnie and clyde of groovy techno, have firmly established themselves as a form to be reckoned with. The joint project is the lovechild of two accomplished artists, focused on fast and driving, uplifting rhythms using three decks for maximum effect. Their sets are the true representation of how it feels to be absorbed and fully in tranz with the groove. DJ SET: OUR FAVORITE TRACK BY LYRIC:

˜”*°• NINA FARRINA •°*”˜ Nina Farrina from Slovakia represents the new generation of dj’s that are inspired by the sound of golden-era. Strong references from 90’s and 00’s sounds. Filthy, maximalistic, peak-time, psychedelic deep sounds combined with hardgroove and dirty bass while being inspired by soulful house music. She is one of the co-founders of Cliwax in Bratislava and after moving to Prague she became a part of No Remorse Rave and now starting new project Bruxa. Nina Farrina is also heavily interested in art, this name also stands behind her paintings and graphic prints on clothes. DJ SET:

˜”*°• 3EVER •°*”˜ 3ever's journey begun in 2018 as an organizer of non-convencional home town events with electronic music inspired by 90s. Now he is focused mainly on techno and you can hear him behind the dj players and gramophones. His selection is flowing between throbing tribal, futuristic industrial sounds and old-school housey vibes. The main mission of his sets is to create tension, immerse you into state of hypnosis and make you dance a lot. 3ever is one of the co-founders of Cliwax in Bratislava and after moving to Prague he became a part of no remorse and now he is standing behind new project Bruxa. DJ SET:

˜”*°• ARNII •°*”˜ Driving force behind Fuchs2 dramaturgical revival, the creative brain behind every-changing ONYX club nights, and radio/host sonic explorer at Radio Punctum. ARNII, Georgia-born, is based in Prague for almost a decade now. Having nurtured respect and love for the local scene and inter-club relationships, he is a hands-on curator and dj playing anything from the UK-infused techno, bass, neo-grime, and experimental club music. ARNII is rezident of Bruxa. He will wait for you in Salo from 00-until end. DJ SET:

˜”*°• NEW MAGIC MEDIA •°*”˜ New Magic Media is a moniker of a dj, visual artist and writer based in Prague. Started as a vj (mostly at the infamous pragues club neone) but shortly converted behind the decks. S/he wrote about music for media as A2, alarm or radio wave where she was running her own weekly radio show focused on experimental and hybrid forms of contemporary club music. Now s/he is a resident of community radio Punctum with their bi-monthly show called wenom and from 2021 also a resident dj of renewed Prague’s club-legend Fuchs2. Lately in her club sets New Magic Media often reflects on her free-party and noise punk roots, inviting more unsettling and ravey sound, but also makes room for exploring fresh experiments or listening ambiances. DJ SET:

✦ We let the music speak for us. ✦ Come and listen what every artist have to say. ✦ There is no room 4 hate. We do not tolerate any form of transphobia, racism, harrasing, any form of unsolicited behaviour will be dealt with. ✦ There will be face check at the door. ✦ Come as you are, but manage yourself to respect the boundaries of people that go to techno for the music - do not speak on the dancefloor. Don’t push eachother on the dancefloor. No flashlights on the dancefloor. Let the music speak. ✦ Respect peoples boundaries and do not assume - ask first.

✦ Thank you in advance for respecting eachother ✦

We can’t wait for this night to happen. More info about tickets will be announced soon!

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