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F2 x BITE RECORDS: Pablo Bozzi + Phase Fatale (Soft Crash) / OTHR / GAEL / C4AT live / TRAUMA & more

F2 x BITE RECORDS: Pablo Bozzi + Phase Fatale (Soft Crash) / OTHR / GAEL / C4AT live / TRAUMA & more

10. 6. 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

Soft Crash - is the music collaboration formed by Hayden Payne (Phase Fatale) and Pablo Bozzi of Imperial Black Unit. Combining references such as William S. Burroughs and J.G. Ballard respectively, the project also functions to explore the fetishization of technology and the body and how the line between those is perpetually blurring.

Bozzi and Payne, both based in Berlin, have been at the top of the industrial techno and EBM circuit through the last several years and have shared the stage on numerous occasions in their respective projects.

GAEL specializes in delivering remarkable energy, style, and attitude through the margins of techno and experimental electronics. She also extends to music scores productions, art installations and live performances under her alias shemovesshe. GAEL has released on labels such as Standard Deviation and Destricted while her gig schedule has been replenished by appearances at Berghain, Khidi, Blitz, Mala Junta, and ∄ (also known as K41) in Kyiv, where she is also holding a residency at the queer party ХІТЬ.

F2 club residents C4AT and Trauma, also Prague’s mainstays in industrial techno and EBM have brought along their friends and collaborators Ester & The Undertaker's Tapes. After having met OTHR at last year’s KHIDI showcase in Prague and visiting Tbilisi's Industrial Mecca himself C4AT has worked non-stop to give birth to a new live set that we will showcase as one of the highlights of the night. WRONG collective’s The Undertaker's Tapes will join Trauma in an intense back to back vertigo inducing set and Organizovaný Plevel’s Ester has been locked in to give the boys a run for their money playing the rarest and the most body-moving music.

✕ C4AT live

✕ Ester



✕ Soft Crash

✕ The Undertaker's Tapes

✕ Trauma

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