F2 x HYPER REAL: Kahn & Neek (UK) / ERAM (BR) / Opium Hum / Kumquat Tang / Arni

Opium Hum returns to its newly established home base of Fuchs2.

F2 x HYPER REAL:  Kahn &  Neek (UK) / ERAM (BR) / Opium Hum / Kumquat Tang / Arni

07. 5. 22:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko


Opium Hum returns to its newly established home base of Fuchs2. 

After a high-octane showcase of the Raiders Crew with the Bass Queen - Smokey, Opium Hum is ready re-introduce us to the very best of UK’s Dubstep and present Brazil's underground rave scene’s most vibrant DJs.

Enter HYPER REAL VOL. 2 with DJ LAG from Durban, Kanh from Bristol, and Eram from Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil.

KAHN Although often painted as one of the UK’s meanest warlord selectors, Kahn’s ruff-and-tuff reputation often masks how intelligent and fluid his DJ sets really are. Rolling between grime, dubstep, and various mutated sound system styles, he’s as comfortable playing meditative, heads-only DMZ raves as he is playing to rowdy festival crowds, matching their output accordingly.

Informed by his own individual and collective musical pursuit, away from Kahn + Neek, especially as part of the 11-strong musical collective Young Echo and as one of the label heads of Bandulu label, it is his insistence on staying true to traditional sound system culture that makes him together with Neek such an exciting and powerful DJ outfit.

ERAM Marianna Viscaino aka ERAM was raised in the hoods of Porto Alegre in Brazil where she grew up exposed to the 24h raves that were. being held in the city's rural parts. At age 12 in 2003 she and her friend rode their bikes to a farm where a rave was taking place. And once the gatekeeper had let her in she hasn't left since. Her sets consist of a truly unique blend of urban electronic music of UK as well as US heritage and Brazilian national funk and rap. Naturally, when you have such a broad style yet specific demands as a DJ. there really isn't any way around producing your own music, so ERAM, having many years of experience producing with friends, picked it up during quarantine and made the pandemic have at least a single positive outcome.

Local Support by YUKU’s Kumquat Tang and F2’s ARNII.


ARNII soundcloud.com/arnii

DJ LAG soundcloud.com/realdjlag

ERAM soundcloud.com/eramexp

KAHN soundcloud.com/kahn

KUMQUAT TANG soundcloud.com/kumquat-tang

OPIUM HUM soundcloud.com/opiumhum

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Artwork by Kristýna Kulíková.