F2 x ONYX: Etapp Kyle / Nastya Muravyova / Viscerale / Spacetrillian & more

ONYX invites Etapp Kyle (Klockworks / Ostgut Ton), Nastya Muravyova and Viscerale

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F2 x ONYX: Etapp Kyle / Nastya Muravyova  /  Viscerale /  Spacetrillian & more

23. 4. 22:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

Step on the dancefloor.

 ONYX is back to showcase Ukrainian techno talent, OSTGUT TON artist, and KLOCKWORKS contributor - ETAPP KYLE. Germany’s up and coming experimental techno, trance and Gabber star DJ - Viscerale has been on our radar for a few years - we welcome her to the FUCHS2 walls and behind the DJ booth. Another pleasant surprise is coming from the likes of NASTYA MURAVYOVA who recently became part of the F2 residents' family.

 F2 main floor will be drenched with familiar yet fresh techno and hard dance energy, while SALO floor will be taken over by pure UK sound of Garage, Bass, and GQOM.


Get to know our artists


Born in 1987 and raised in a small town in western Ukraine, Etapp was trained as a classical musician before his first teenage club permanently changed his musical trajectory. He soon set out to learn how to DJ, spending the next years studying computer science in the city of Chernivtsi and practicing at night with the 1210s and CDJs of various DJ mentors. Lacking both a reliable internet connection and a consistent source of new music, Etapp and friends were forced to pool their resources in marathon hard drive parties. “I can’t tell you how worried I was about destroying my hard drive, which I always wrapped in multiple towels when transporting.”


Born in Hamburg and based in Berlin since 2011, Viscerale has a classical background in piano and found her passion to select the music for the right a moment since she was young.

Her first electronic mixtapes appeared around 2015 and officially started DJing in clubs 2 years later. She played in several countries including the US, was holding a 1-year residency at Ved Siden Af in Copenhagen, and is a regular performing in Paris, London and often to find in Berlin Club ́s like Säule (Berghain), Ohm, About Blank, and more. Driven by strong emotions and influenced by various genres from Techno to Trance. Her journeys are seeking high energy levels in a playful way with surprising twists.140 bpm upwards is her comfort zone.


Nastya Muravyova is a rising, yet brightly shining star of Kyiv's underground scene. She's balancing on the edge of pumping 4x4 techno and sharp breakbeat, slightly aggressive, and all the way unexpected grooves.


ARNII https://soundcloud.com/arnii

AUSTIN POWERS https://soundcloud.com/lepergole

DJ TUCO https://soundcloud.com/tucodj

ETAPP KYLE (OSTGUT TON) [UA] https://soundcloud.com/etappkyle

KUBA93 https://soundcloud.com/kuba93_hy

NASTYA MURAVYOVA [UA] https://soundcloud.com/vsehzhdetsmert

OBŠTRUKCIA https://soundcloud.com/obstrukcia

SPACETRILLIAN live https://soundcloud.com/spacetrillian

VISCERALE [DE] https://soundcloud.com/viscerale_pleasures


400 czk presale first wave

450 czk presale second wave + before midnight 

500 czk after midnight