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FRXXDOM FIRE: Tony Renaissance, allyXpress, Lil Autotune + more

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FRXXDOM FIRE: Tony Renaissance, allyXpress, Lil Autotune + more
FRXXDOM FIRE: Tony Renaissance, allyXpress, Lil Autotune + more

12 May 2023, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

As always featuring a queer lineup, this time with a theme of all things FIRE and HOT!

Not just in the visual sense but also in the sense of striving for the freedom to be authentically ourselves whilst growing up and living in a still majorly cis-het patriarchal society.

✭QUEERIETY: HOT STUFF ✭ Before the party itself you can purchase sole or combined tickets to come see Queeriety show from 8pm with the same theme - presented by Tonic Garbage - and a packed line up of DRAG, FETISH, BURLESQUE PERFORMERS and AERIAL AND FIRE acts.

We're changing it up this time for our runway segment and turning it into a $LUTWALK hosted by none else than LEDET.

✭ LINEUP ✭ allyXpress Pablo Gardú Lil Autotune Tony Renaissance (live) Evil Medved Miss Carriage Bugie Baby & Exgesis &more

✭ WHAT IS FRXXDOM ✭ Frxxdom is a celebration of all the things being queer and trans is to us, as much as it is a protest to the system that still largerly opresses us. A safer space created by us for those like us where we, our friends and allies come together without judgment or fear.

We stan the #freethenipple movement so dress however your want regardless of your gender.

This is a space with NO TOLERANCE for any racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist or $lutshaming behavior.

✭ DOOR POLICY ✭ We have a door face to ensure first and foremost the comfort and safety of those communities whom we are creating this event for.

Please note that this event is 18+.

We do reserve the right to deny anyone entry, which may in rare cases also include e-ticket holders. If your entry is denied we are able to, upon request, provide a proof of that, so that you can request a refund.

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