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Nazira / Marie Pravda / Raphael Kosmos / Exhausted Modern Oliver Torr / Nevinnost / Aid Kid / NCOL / Tasya

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31 Dec 2019, 23:00 – 01 Jan 2020, 07:00

Praha, Praha, Česko

2019 is over [if you want it] and there is a major celebration of the departing year happening in Fuchs with two floors of pure joy and infinite good times [till your energy lasts].  

Headlining the Main Floor is Nazira - dj, a DJ from Alma-Aty in Kazakhstan where she runs the potent club series ZVUK and is also a core member of the Berlin-based queer femme / non-binary club collective Room 4 Resistance. Joining her will be local stalwarts of Endless Illusion Raphael Kosmos and Exhausted Modern along with the up-and-coming Marie Pravda.  

Salo Floor will be a light-hearted local affair hosted by Lovely gals Nevinnost and Tasya with a bunch of splendid guests to share the booth with: Oliver Torr who is a member of the XYZ collective, up-and-coming NCOL who has quickly established herself as one of the most versatile DJs out there and Aid Kid, a producer and DJ who has shaped the local sound sphere like no-one else.  

The lowest floor of Fuchs2 – Bike Jesus – will serve as a space to get together during the scarce moments when you feel like collecting new energy for your dancing moves. 


• MAIN • 

Nazira - dj [Room 4 Resistance / ZVUK]


Marie Pravda 

Raphael Kosmos


Exhausted Modern


• SALO • 

Oliver Torr




Aid Kid






• TICKETS • 300.- till 23:30 350.- after 00:00 Available on door only  

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