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James Booth, Tvyks, Møreti & Silhouette

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07 Feb 2020, 23:00 – 08 Feb 2020, 06:00

Praha, Praha, Česko


Klub Fuchs is a new series of good times under a mirrorball in Fuchs2 with loose focus on the goodness brought to the world by House and Disco sounds. The journeys are to take us both into past and future and leave our dopamine levels on high levels. We start on Friday February 7th with James Booth, a Berlin-based producer who released his mesmerizing cuts on such labels as 100% Silk, Growing Bin, Farbwechsel and Church. Last December he premiered his live set at Berghain / Panorama Bar, sharing the DJ booth with a group artists affiliated with Massimiliano Pagliara's Funnuvojere Records where he released his 'Bath Time' EP filled with club-ready proto-house rollers] and now he's finally locked in for a Prague debut.  

Also on the lineup is Tvyks aka LEON PARD who is a genuine OG of our scene whose formative days dating back to the early 1990s. He's spent the past three decades reinventing himself and his mid 00s series Plastique was a blueprint situation for numerous local artists and party starters and following that he's relocated to Berlin and then to London and at this point is gracing Prague again with full grown batch of singular skills in a genre-bending polymath style. Opening the night will be Silhouette aka Vision of 1994 with a special House-centered set while Møreti who is a driving force behind the café / record shop / easy-listening spot Luft in Letná will be in charge of the closing duties with an extraordinary wide-ranging selection.  


James Booth [live / Funnuvojere Records 



Møreti [Luft/Ankali] 

Silhouette (House set) 


Tickets 200,- < 23:30 > 250,-  

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