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20. 11. 2021 19:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

ONYX invites local legend Raphael Kosmos to co-curate a night full of Fast-paced Electro, EBM-infused Techno, UK Garage and Grime.

Together we bring Яна Вудсток (Jana Woodstock) who is an established DJ based in Kiev and gains more and more attention from around the world. She started with heavy banging techno and electro selections and gradually expanded her music choice with more colors of dark - EBM and noisy industrial tracks, adding some more slow and trancy melodies, now more concentrating on electro and own music production. Jana is a resident and founder of SNAKES (Kyiv/Montreal) and her EBM-informed Techno selections found its way to such places as Tresor, OHM Berlin or ://about blank.

This time around we are happy to introduce newest member of ONYX family: SPACETRILLIAN

ARNII (ONYX,F2) soundcloud.com/arnii

JANA WOODSTOCK (Snakes) soundcloud.com/ja-na-woodstock

HNÁT (Herna, F2) soundcloud.com/hnatthedj

NASTIK (Wildt) b2b UNJACK (Wildt) soundcloud.com/yana-unzhakova

RAPHAEL KOSMOS (Späti rec.) soundcloud.com/spatirecords

SPACETRILLIAN (ONYX) https://soundcloud.com/spacetrillian

SERVICEBOT (Herna, F2) soundcloud.com/fuckadaver

F2 x Aerofilms

We are teaming up with Aerofilms to bring you a full-length experience.

Go to BIO OKO before the party to see Paris, 13th district movie, show your cinema ticket at the door, and get a cheaper entry for ONYX + SPÄTI - 150 czk. Valid only on the 20th of November.

Paris, 13th District Three young women and one man. Their lives intersect for a while in Les Olympiades Les Olympiades neighborhood in Paris’s 13th district. The eloquent and cheeky Émilie works in the call center and earns extra money by renting a free room. She establishes an intimate relationship with her new attractive tenant Camille. But he is attracted to Nora, who spends nights videoc hatting with cam girl Amber. Jacques Audiard's energetically shot black-and-white film in which he takes a fresh look at today’s thirtysomethings, who seek out sexual flings instead of more serious relationships. Or do they also long for love and mutual understanding?

≣ ENTRY ≣ 300 all night long 150 czk with a ticket from BIO OKO - Paris, 13th district screening (movie tix -bit.ly/F2xAeroflims)

≣ SAFETY RULES ≣ Proof of T-N-O is mandatory for entering the party. T-N-O is one of the following certificates: ≣ A negative antigen test no older than 24 hours or a PCR test no older than 3 days issued by official authority ≣ Full vaccination, 14 days after the last jab ≣ Recovery from COVID-19 no older than 180 days

All visitors must wear a facemask at the entry. Thank you for your understanding.