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SALO: Lil Autotune, LILITH, QOW

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SALO: Lil Autotune, LILITH, QOW
SALO: Lil Autotune, LILITH, QOW

08 Jul 2023, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

★ Lil Autotune

Simone Svatuska, aka Lil Autotune, is a boundary-pushing DJ and multidisciplinary artist known for her explosive style. As a trans femme artist, she's shaping her own lane in the club scene, while actively contributing to queer nightlife. Simone is also a 3D freelance visual artist and model, and she's launching her brand, "Attention Whore." Ready to conquer the world with her unique performances.


This girlie will take you on a dreamy journey through hell. LILITH is nasty on the outside and kawaii on the inside. She plays a mix of hardcore, techno, trance and dancy dancy.


Qow aka Omar El Sadek is an audiovisual artist// Cairo-born. Prague based/// specialising in sound design, painting and animating visuals,. He collaborated with artists such as Drew Mcdowall, ZULI, MSYLMA and Pollution Opera. Omar was selected on the roster of Shape+ Platform for 2022/2023 and is part of the Glory Affairs collective in Prague. His works have been previously exhibited and performed at audiovisual festivals such as Unsound Festival 2019, Lunchmeat Festival 2020 and Rewire Festival 2022.

ENTRY 300 CZK all night long

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