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SALO: SALO XXL: Gero (Bali), Jorgos, Olinství

SALO: SALO XXL: Gero (Bali), Jorgos, Olinství
SALO: SALO XXL: Gero (Bali), Jorgos, Olinství

16 Sept 2023, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Czechia

LBD sounds label boss Olinství and Jorgos, two music enthusiasts bringing their fav selector to the SALO booth. Gero is a multi-faced, versatile artist, DJ, music selector, and director hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia. Alongside his collective, Discouture, Gero became a driving force behind vibrant parties in Jakarta. Later, Gero moved to Bali and founded Studio Ekstotika, a bespoke audiophile records store. This allowed him to explore diverse music selections, including European disco, zouk, balearic beats, and rare grooves. Inspired by the immersive island experience, he created a multidisciplinary collective called Pesona, aiming to capture the essence of coastal life through music. However, his true calling remains in DJing, where he takes listeners on a one-of-lind musical journey, transcending geographical and language barriers through his distinct sets.

★ Gero

★ Jorgos

★ Olinství


250 CZK

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