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SALO x nitevibes: Silhouette b2b nrmn

nite.vibes. Warehouse&outdoor raves that have been on our radar from the very beginning. We are delighted to welcome two of their residents to play our custom-built SALO Soundsystem.

SALO x nitevibes: Silhouette b2b nrmn
SALO x nitevibes: Silhouette b2b nrmn

17 Sept 2022, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

★ nrmn (Ankali) When playing in a club, there is this relentless energy that nrmn is dealing with. Without being too excessive with the bpm rate, he achieves his speed with a predatory style of mixing, something he has managed to transplant into his techno selection after years spent in grime. His aggressivity is what draws the crowd closer, but underneath, he employs a smooth sustain-release principle which keeps you hooked and pushes you to your own limits.

★ Silhouette (F2) Silhouette is a Czech producer and DJ based in Klatovy. His musical style is attributed to both ambient and deep/acid techno. In fact, Silhouette’s musical output blurs the boundaries between these categories. He has 3 release under his belt, the last one Hůrka came (Carebel records) came out last year. As a Dj he focuses his selection on techno tools, melodic/hypno side of techno, house, breaks or ambient tracks.

ENTRY 200 czk

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