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SALO x Tour de Trance: Yan + Trance Kafka

Get ready for a hell of a ride. Yan b2b Trance Kafka, Trance Kafka b2b Yan all night long on a journey through all the nooks and crannies of trance.

SALO x Tour de Trance: Yan + Trance Kafka
SALO x Tour de Trance: Yan + Trance Kafka

22 Oct 2022, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

As a co-founder of Harmony Rec. collective established in 2014 (and label in 2018), Yan has been inseparably involved with the development of Prague’s dance music scene. His crew has opened a more deep and organic side of techno to local audiences, building an impressive following as they go and moving forward musically over the years. His care and attention to details has earned him an increasing amount of foreign interest, alongside a steady supply of bookings on home turf. All that, together with the strong ties made over the years with befriended labels and other crews, brought Yan and the Harmony brand around the globe, with several stops in Japan, Columbia and Netherlands.

 Trance Kafka is the stage name of a Prague-based music promoter and DJ also known as Losko. With his trance moniker, as well as with the San Trancisco events he co-organises, Mr. Kafka has set out to refresh the understanding of the euphoric dance genre in the local context, taking it back from the commercial environment it has been largely associated with. Trance Kafka always delivers fast-paced and energetic DJ sets which don’t let you stop dancing for a second and are enormously fun.

ENTRY 200 czk

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