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SALO XXL: Marie Pravda + fleika

 SALO XXL: Marie Pravda + fleika
 SALO XXL: Marie Pravda + fleika

24 Dec 2022, 23:59

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

Ankali & Planeta Za residents take over SALO dj booth for one last time this year.

★ fleika (Ankali) fleika has been on the local electronic scene for nearly one decade. Between his membership of the Polygon collective, Ankali club and regular exposure at Cukr events, fleika has become one of the local scene’s most sought-after selectors. Characterised by pristine atmosphere, trance-inducing percussion, and a controlled perplexity of unidentified synth sounds, each performance is unlike the last.

★ Marie Pravda (Planeta Za) Her involvement with the night life began behind the bar of Metro club in Olomouc, but as she grew weary of the bar's routine, she relocated to the DJ booth in 2016, then discovering her passion for seeking new music. Marie Pravda is a resident at Radio Punctum, throws irregular parties Planeta Pravda at Planeta Za, and recently, she has started playing regularly at Panorama bar/Berghain DJ booth.

ENTRY 300 czk

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