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SALO XXL: The Function w/ Evil Medvěd, Lil Autotune, HNÁT, Miss Carriage

SALO XXL: The Function w/ Evil Medvěd, Lil Autotune, HNÁT, Miss Carriage
SALO XXL: The Function w/ Evil Medvěd, Lil Autotune, HNÁT, Miss Carriage

07 Oct 2022, 23:00

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

SALO supported by Queer Spaces Network brings you a very hot Friday function.

This event is meant for anyone ready to enter without judgment or fear, and just be.

A space free of racism, homophobia and transphobia, where $lutshaming has no place.

★ Evil Medvěd (he/him)

Evil Medved, aka Faolán McGowan is a Prague-based musician known for mainly performing through improvisation and shaping his music live. His fresh and raw sounds take us to his personal, playful and cute world of various beats and never ending energy, while mutating the electronic dance music through the core and back. He is also a volunteer at Synth Library Prague, hosts a radio show on Iinternet Public Radio and was part of Shape Platform year 2021.

★ Lil Autotune (she/her) Trans-Femme non binary visual artist, performer, DJ and model.

Princess in every sense of the word. Her style and aproach is always daring, sweet, brutal, confident and empowering. Transcending across genres, Lil Autotune goal is to always make you feel loved and cherished at her performance sets. She would describe her set as sensory overload sensation that will emotionally fullfill you.

★ HNÁT (she/her) Straight outta bar behind the decks. Hnát started as a bar manager in Herna and in between ordering the beers and mopping the floor, she was practicing on the cdjs and got close to the modular theme parties called Bastl Jam, where she played her very first gig. The club had to close down, but Hnát decided to run Herna as a platform with her partner in crime Servicebot fka Kadaver. She is known for her hard techno selections, but lately, HNÁT is more & more interested in electro, acid, and ghetto sound.

★ Miss Carriage (he/him) Miss Carriage’s sets are a wild (and tasteless) combination of the mainstream with the alternative sprinkled with tackiness. But whether he’s playing trance, questionable pop remixes, or hardcore bangers, his only goal is to keep you smiling and dancing.

ENTRY 150 czk < 0:00 > 300 czk

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