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SOLD OUT ☆ F2 LIVE: Eartheater ☆ Fæ Bestia

☆ 19:30 door ☆ 20:30 Fæ Bestia ☆ 21:30 Eartheater ☆ Afterparty Ktva

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SOLD OUT ☆ F2 LIVE: Eartheater ☆ Fæ Bestia
SOLD OUT ☆ F2 LIVE: Eartheater ☆ Fæ Bestia

10 Jul 2024, 19:30 – 23:59

Praha 7, ostrov Štvanice, Holešovice, 170 00 Praha 7, Czechia


Eartheater practices her own strain of poetic alchemy, melting her subjects into objects: the waves turn the shells into sand; the flames melt the sand into glass; the glass holds the wine; the wine makes you drunk.

TICKETS:–Eartheater / early bird 490 czk / 1st release 540 czk / 2nd release 590 czk

Shapeshifting between electronic experimentation and acoustic texture, Eartheater’s art has long delved into themes of erosion and lithification, along with the infinite possibilities of metamorphosis both emotional and physical. “I’m drawn to the way a pop song can sound like sugar until you realize it’s laced with poetic bitters and remedy,” she explains. Her newest album Powders (2023, Chemical X) draws varied energies from her own omnivorous tastes as a songwriter and from her stable of collaborators (Yves Rothman, Sega Bodega, Lecx Stacy, Casey MQ, Elliott Kozel, Tony Seltzer, Luis Aponte, Isaiah Barr, Sammy, and Kiri), showcasing production that shifts on a dime between mutated dance music, unadorned folk balladry, trip-hop, and torch song pop songcraft.

“I feel like these are some of the best lyrics I’ve ever written,” she says of Powders and its forthcoming album Aftermath. “Powder is more intimate, a completely new sound. I think I’m playing with nostalgia more than I ever have,” she told Crack magazine. Aftermath is set to arrive sometime this year, is more abrasively electronic. “It’s anthemic, big sounding.”

Eartheater brings her extraordinary show of lawless pop to Fuchs2 on Wednesday, July 10.

SUPPORT: Fæ Bestia

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Read house rules ( before visiting.

Tickets are available in limited numbers at early bird presale (–Eartheater) and at the doors (unless otherwise noted).

Fuchs2 je podporován hlavním městem Praha.

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